Everything You Need To Know

This is an osu!standard 2v2 tournament that will use TeamVS and Accuracy for score

This has a qualifing stage and after a 32 teams double-elimination bracket

A team is composed of only two players and can not have a backup player

You cannot play your matches 1v2 or 1v1. 2v2 only!

Players must have their Global Ranking between #1,000 and #20,000 in order to register, after that they are free to rank up/down

The captain must join the Discord server and change its Discord nickname to his osu! username

Failed and/or revived scores count

You lose automatically your match if you are 10 minutes late

Qualifiers maps will be played once and will count the accuracy of your team

Seeding for qualifiers will be based on the average rank

Warmups will be allowed after the qualifier stage. It must not have any explicit content and have its length less than 4 minutes

During freemod picks, allowed mods are: HD, HR, EZ, and FL 

If both teams have the same accuracy on a map, the team with the highest accuracy player will get the point. If there is no player with higher accuracy than the others, the map will be replayed

There are 2 bans per team, making 4 banned maps per match. Your team cannot ban two maps of the same category, besides NoMod

Players will use the !roll command to decide the order of the picks and bans. The winner of the roll will have the first pick, and the loser will have the first ban

Reschedules will only be considered if both players agree to a time, this needs to be done and notified to the reschedules Discord channel before Thursday at 23:59 UTC+0 in that particular week when your match takes place.

In the case of player disconnections, if it occurs within the first 30 seconds or 25% of the song (whichever comes first) the map will be nullified and re-attempted. This only happens 1 time per match

RO32 and RO16 is a Best of 7 Matches, Quarterfinals Best of 9, Semifinals Best of 11, Finals and Grand Finals Best of 13

Even during a tournament, osu! is just a game, please be fairplay

Respect between each is expected of players and staff members

We reserve the rights to disqualify your team if you break any osu! Community or In-Game Chat Rules

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